For Payers

Through our payer partnerships we continue to innovate and build Amazon Pharmacy-enabled solutions, and make it easier than ever to help members save time and money with home delivery

Bring a more member-centric approach to pharmacy

Delivering value to every member

With Amazon Pharmacy, payers can offer a more member-centric benefit design offering the lowest prices available.
Integrated discount savings benefit, allows comparison between benefit and cash prices
Co-branded member experience
Customer-centric performance guarantees to measure what matters

Reliably connected

Amazon Pharmacy offers members automated, connected solutions available across a nationwide network of pharmacies with unlimited digital access.
Fast, FREE shipping
24/7 pharmacist and customer care support available
Integrated discount card offerings that support claims and adherence management programs

The best in home delivery

Amazon Pharmacy offers payers’ members the best in home delivery – time savings, lowest available pricing, convenience and 24/7 customer support.
Simple sign-up and price transparency
90-day medication refills to support adherence
Delivery promise guarantees and updates along the way

Build a better pharmacy experience with us

Join us as we continue to build a customer-centric pharmacy experience